Who are we ?

A specialized center to provide research, training and consulting services to individuals and establishments, to be distinguished and pioneering in its services, and is concerned with the production and dissemination of specialized knowledge in the following fields
Training and education for institutions, individuals and charitable sectors
Consulting, studies and research
Organizing conferences, seminars and specialized forums.

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A national center with global quality and professionalism in producing authentic knowledge.


We seek to prepare highly qualified human cadres capable of building the future, and adapting to the changes of the age by providing specialized training and consulting solutions and scientific studies with national competencies, professional state and strategic partnerships in accordance with international quality standards.

Our Services

Providing excellent training solutions in high quality and international accreditations in all fields, for individuals and institutions with the help of competent and international professional expertise, in order to prepare a generation capable of meeting current job requirements and developing its technical and intellectual skills to meet future needs.

Knowledge Center is characterized by a network of relationships with a group of senior consultants locally, internationally and internationally. Consultancy is one of the main activities of the Center, through which we aim to raise the level of performance of organizations and companies and individuals and reach the desired level of development and excellence by a group of qualified and experienced, The Center also works to provide high quality competitive services and develop creative and creative solutions to meet the challenges it faces in the field of consulting, technical services, studies and training using the scientific methodology.

Aromh center Specialized in the studies of social sciences, educational, economic and other fields, done by a variety of experienced bodies and teaching members, researchers in Arabic and international universities and research centers who have experience in many fields Which contribute to building a science and knowledge society.
In addition to the services of the members of the teaching body, which includes the translation of studies and extraction of scientific databases and publication as well as publishing in the Arab and foreign scientific journals Court and statistical analysis of all economic studies, social and educational.
As well as the services of students of the above studies, which include the above in addition to the partial supervision of the letters and academic consultations

Our Objectives

  • تقديم الخدمات التدريبية والاستشارية وفق احتياجات سوق العمل المحلي والخارجي.
  • Qualification and training in accordance with the requirements of the local labor market and abroad.
  • Contribute to sustainable development by attracting the largest number of trainees
  • بناء شراكات محلية ودولية داعمة للتطوير والإبداع في مجال التدريب والجودة.
  • إجراء الدراسات والأبحاث العلمية والتطبيقية لتلبية إحتياجات المجتمع.
  • تقديم برامج جاذبة تنمي روح النتماء والولاء للمؤسسات الوطنية وفقا لأفضل معايير الجودة العالمية.
  • Building close relationships with the various bodies and institutions
  • Focus on the training programs and studies related with the plans of the state and various institutions

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